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EDPAC Air Handling Systems OCT10
Air Handling
EC Fan Arrays:
-   Latching fan modules to create fan arrays from 1 upwards
-   Fan arrays of 1, 2x1, 2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 3x4, 4x4, etc.
-   Systems available from all EC fan types up to 630 diameter
-   Pressure or speed control options
-   Simply bring 0-10V signal and power
-   Virtually any AHU configuration can be accomodated
-   May not be suitable for very high pressure

Energy Savings:
-   Energy savings over centrifugal systems of 40%
-   Payback in less than 5000 hours run-time
-   Capital allowances available - ECA/ACA
-   No VSD losses
-   Reduced wire sizes

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In-Direct Fresh Air Cooling of a large Data Centre  
The climate in Ireland lends itself very well to both direct and indirect fresh air cooling for Large data centres. Typical conditions within a data centre are 18 to 27 oC supply with typically a 12 degree temperature differential on the return air. The humidity is generally controlled within the ASHRAE standards for the space, with typically 20 to 80%RH or seek to maintain a minimum moisture condition within the space. While operating requirements vary considerably, colo spaces may operate to tighter client specifications, requiring that the spaces be isolated from the outside in order to protect both the integrity of the space and the operating humidity levels. nevertheless, the conditions will generally warrant humidification in winter and cooling in summer.  
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