Heat Recovery Product Range  
Heat Recovery Features
-  Reduced in Size
      300 Wide x
      625 High x
      810 Long including Spigots
-  EC Fans as standard
-  No combustible materials used in construction
-  Sheet metal painted construction
-  High temperature sensor
     - shuts down make-up air
     - runs exhaust fan to full speed
- High efficiency exchanger to 95%
- Greater than 82% when dry
- Microprocessor controller
- Optional remote control
- Optional summer bypass damper
Heat Recovery Unit Features
-  Modular construction with double wall sheet-metal panel construction
-  Integrated controls to minimise temperature difference to the space and maximise efficiency
-  Remote options for fire alarms, common alarm, on/off and BMS control or monitoring
-  System efficiencies that are maximised using fully variable speed fans, which can be set 0-100%
-  Dry efficiencies of over 80% and wet efficiencies of over 90%
-  Simplified commissioning with variable speed fans
-  Access panels for filter replacement or cleaning of the exchanger
-  Very low profile - only 520mm for the 1000 to 2000 and 800mm for the 3000 and 4000 systems
-  Design for mounting above false ceilings or under slabs in ancillary spaces and plant rooms

Eurovent certified heat exchangers and high efficiency EC fans
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